Guitar Learning

...or lack thereof

Wednesday - 10.12.2016

I've been playing guitar off and on since I was in elementary school. You'd think that by now I'd be pretty good but I'm not ... at all. I own five guitars which can be found hanging in my living room. Unfortunately, I rarely find the time to play them. I have tried (many times over the years) getting back into learning and have read every "Getting Started"/Basic guitar literature out there so I'm dumping a lot of that info here for those looking to get started themselves. Hopefully you'll put this info to use better than I have.

My small guitar collection from left to right:
1. Martin 000CXE Black Acoustic-Electric
2. Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plain Top Electric (Heritage Cherry Burst)
3. Hagstrom Viking Semi-Hollowbody Electric (Tobacco Sunburst)
4. Peavey T-15 Electric (Sunburst)
5. Seagull The Original S6 Acoustic

Amps I own:
1. Fender ValveKing II 50
2. Ampeg BA-115
3. Roland Micro Cube

Buying a guitar: If you're looking for a cheap guitar to purchase but something that still sounds good and that you will want to keep around, have a look at these:

Electric: Epiphone Les Paul Special I - $99.00
Acoustic: Fender FA 100 - $119.99

Other Items/Accessories:
Amp: Fender Champion 20 Guitar Combo Amp - $99.99
Pick: Dunlop Tortex - $3.49 for a 12 pack (my personal favorite)

Instructions: I highly recommend Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar Boxed Sets. I haven't completed them yet myself but have found what I have learned from them to be incredibly useful.

Learning some songs: Here are a few charts that I have thrown together for songs I'm currently learning or have learned. I've found that most charts on the web and youtube lessons only give you the chords needed to play the songs. In the charts I've created, I have also included the strumming patterns used as they can be incredibly useful for newbs like myself. Also below, you'll find links to youtube videos of the songs as well as lessons that I have found to be helpful. Enjoy!

The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby (chart) (song) (lessons 1)
Bright Eyes - Lua (chart) (song) (lessons 1)
Cure, The - Love Song (chart) (song) (lessons 1)
Johnny Cash - Hurt (chart) (song) (lessons 1)
Outkast - Hey Ya (chart) (song) (lessons 1)
Radiohead - High and Dry (chart) (song) (lessons 1)